Dandy Blend and Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

Dandy Blend is made of the water-soluble extracts of five ingredients; three roots and two grains (barley and rye), not from the ingredients themselves. The ingredients are roasted separately and then combined in prescribed proportions, placed into a vat, covered with hot water, and allowed to steep for a prescribed period of time. The water, with the soluble portions of all the components, is separated from the grounds and spray dried. The remaining fine brown powder left after the water is driven off is what becomes Dandy Blend. Most of the gluten and other water-insoluble substances are left behind in the grounds to be composted.

Samples of Dandy Blend are periodically submitted to Elisa Technologies Laboratory in Florida, one of the most respected gluten testing labs in the United States. Tests register less than 5 parts per million for both gliadin and gluten, which is far below the limit of 20 parts per million allowed by the FDA for gluten-free classification. 

A few people have reported experiencing symptoms of gluten ingestion. It is likely due to the minuscule amounts of gluten that can get through in partially hydrolyzed form and cause a reaction for those who are the most sensitive.

We realize that Dandy Blend, like any other food, may not be suitable for everyone. Each of us is physiologically different. Some medicines work for some, not for others. Some people can eat certain foods and others cannot. The same is true for beverages.